Jenna Thomas

Registered Provisional Psychologist

North & South Location

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Jenna is a Provisional Psychologist with expertise working with children and their families from preschool age to adolescence. She received her MSc and PhD in Clinical Psychology from the CPA Accredited program at the University of Calgary. She has trained in outpatient community clinics and paediatric teaching hospitals including the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary as well as the IWK Health Centre in Halifax.

Jenna provides both assessment and treatment for children and adolescents with: learning difficulties, giftedness, attention problems, anxiety, stress/worry, low mood, school avoidance, and emotion regulation difficulties.

Jenna Thomas

Jenna also has specialized training in health psychology and provides support for medically-related difficulties including chronic pain, insomnia, needle phobia, toileting challenges (e.g., constipation, soiling, enuresis), rumination, and coping with medical diagnoses. In addition to working with children and adolescents, Jenna also works with parents to help them learn effective strategies to support their children at home.

The interventions that Jenna offers are evidence-based and supported by current research. While her primary treatment approach is Cognitive-Behavioural, Jenna also uses a variety of other evidence-based approaches as needed (e.g., Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Solution-Focused Problem Solving). Guided by a model of family-centred care, Jenna adjusts her approach depending on each client’s unique presenting concerns, goals, and preferences.