Kathleen Boothman

Registered Provisional Psychologist

North & South Locations

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Kathleen is a Registered Provisional Psychologist with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and a Master of Counselling. She has worked with many behavioural, developmental, and mental health disorders in community, school, public, and private settings. Kathleen has experience with social skills training, emotional regulation, executive functioning and counselling for both children and adolescents.

Kathleen utilizes a strength-based and person-centred perspective while incorporating cognitive-behavioural interventions and play-based therapy. She values evidence-based treatment while adapting to the individual needs of her clients. Kathleen prioritizes the therapeutic relationship and believes that an environment of trust, support, and respect is critical for positive change. Her enthusiasm, dedication, and patience are traits she brings to every situation.

Kathleen Boothman, Registered Provisional Psychologist