Krista Van Iderstine

Occupational Therapist & ADHD Coach

North & South Location

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Krista has been an occupational therapist (OT) since 2004, and she also is a trained ADHD coach. She has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of ADHD and self-regulation. Krista works with families using an OT coaching approach, to help with learning about children’s ADHD and related self-regulation needs. This is a collaborative approach, where Krista works with the child and parents together, exploring strategies and problem solving around daily challenges at home and school.

Krista Van Iderstine

Krista’s services can be helpful for self-regulation challenges in the following areas: focus/attention, completing daily routines, sensory processing, social interactions, and emotional regulation. Krista also can provide ADHD coaching with self-motivated teens, and adults with ADHD. Krista has extensive training in the areas of ADHD and self-regulation. She has completed the Self-Reg Learning Facilitator certification for Stuart Shanker’s Self-Reg approach, which is a research and science based framework for understanding self-regulation. She also has completed clinical training for using Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking frameworks and resources, for supporting children with social learning difficulties.