Trista Keating

Registered Psychologist

South Location

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Trista Keating (Knoetzke) has been a Registered Psychologist since 2005. Since completing her PhD at the University of Alberta in School Psychology, she has worked in schools and special needs educational organizations, has been in private practice specializing in autism spectrum disorders and ADHD, and has taught graduate students in School Psychology at the University of Calgary where she is an Adjunct Professor.

 Trista is experienced in the assessment of children and youth in areas such as ADHD, autism spectrum, learning disabilities, and giftedness, as well as the development of intervention plans.

Trista Keating

In the last several years, Trista has devoted herself to assessment and management of autism spectrum disorder, assisting children, adults, and their families. Trained in the 'gold standard' standardized assessment instruments at the University of Michigan, autism diagnostic observation system (ADOS) and the autism diagnostic interview (ADI), Trista uses a multidisciplinary comprehensive approach to assess children (as young as two years old), teens, and adults. She works with children, teens, adults, and their families to ensure thorough intervention plans.

From the first appointment, Trista helps families understand their child's areas of strength and the areas in need of support. Her involvement extends beyond the assessment results as she works with parents to develop an evidence-based intervention plan, teaches practical tools to support their child's development, involves the multi-disciplinary team, and advises on how to 'navigate the system.' Trista also does social skills counselling with children/teens and provides parenting support using the Triple P Parenting program.