French Immersion

French Immersion

Are you considering putting your child into French immersion? Before you decide, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does my child have trouble speaking the native language?
  • Does my little one have learning problems?
  • Is my child anxious?

If you are still unsure whether or not French immersion is right for your little one then come to The Family Psychology Place where we can help assess your child’s learning capabilities. We will give our honest, educated, opinions whether or not French immersion should be considered for your child.

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How do we make our assessment?

Psychoeducational Assessment in French: Our psychologists will test your child’s learning abilities through various exams to identify where he/she is in academic development.

If you have already enrolled your child in French immersion and notice them struggling, we can help assess them at this stage. Our therapists can recommend if your child should continue with their immersion program or perhaps change their educational path.

There will be difficulties with learning a new language, but we can help determine if this is the right time for your child to be challenged. Give yourself the peace of mind knowing your child is learning within their abilities.

Decisions can be hard, so why not have us help you decide what you want to do.