ADHD Family Workbook

ADHD Family Workbook

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ADHD affects families in many different ways. Research tells us that effective management is the key to long-term success. Effective management includes help with parenting and strategies. Long term success involves using strategies to help with difficulties, using different types of strategies at different ages, and building social emotional skills. Counseling for ADHD needs to target specific difficulties and skills.


We have decades of experience with ADHD and want to help your family. In this 16 page workbook, we take you through common challenges for families related to ADHD. We give advice, take you through some parent reflection, and help you come up with strategies for your family. Counsellors who work with your family can use this information to provide more specific help. ADHD can be a challenge, but your child’s future can be bright and is filled with potential. We want to help your family and your child thrive.

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