Family Conversation Cards

Family Conversation Cards

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Covid has changed our world in many ways. Stress is high, fear is real, and uncertainty is everywhere. All the usual supports and escapes are gone. Family togetherness sounds good, but 24-7 togetherness brings challenges. How can you help your family adjust? How can you figure out how your children feel? How can you have important conversations? How can your family work together? How can you communicate better?


We have worked with families for decades and want to help your family. Our deck of conversation cards can help your family talk about daily life, feelings, problems, and hopes. It’s easy to use for the whole family, children 5+ and teens included. It can even be used to have conversations about family life with any adult children or grandparents living in the home. After reviewing the guidelines and suggestions, use the cards to have conversations about chores, conflict, communication, strengths, difficulties, good times, bad times, safety, traditions, worries, celebrations, working together, and personal space. Use our cards to help your family talk together and get through these tough times.

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