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Group of KidsWe know that it is confusing to figure out where to go for help. Our psychologists are among the best, have many years of experience, and are respected by doctors and schools. In fact, most of our families have been referred to our office by more than one person after asking around. We have different specialty areas and work as a team to provide high quality care tailored to your needs.

"... a team of high calibre psychologists
working together for you ..."

Trust blocksFamilies working with us have a team of experts working together... all under the same roof. We are here to figure out what's wrong and what to do, using whatever resources or professionals best address your needs.

"... high quality care tailored to your needs..."

You might be wondering whether there is a problem with learning or attention or memory, not sure what to do with a diagnosis of ADHD or learning disability, or worried about anxiety or behavior changes... either for yourself or your child or your parent. We can help.

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