Calgary Assessment Services

An assessment is the first step to change.

This is your time to sit down with one of our psychologists and explain what is happening, so we can figure out what to help you with and how best to help you.

Autism Spectrum Assessment Services

Autism Spectrum

Autism Spectrum can present itself in many ways, including difficulty communicating and in social situations.

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ADHD Assessment Services


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can make it difficult for people to pay attention, focus, or stay still.

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Learning Education Assessment Services

Learning Abilities

Our skilled psychologists can assess learning disabilities, disorders, giftedness, and cognitive/intellectual abilities.

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Mental Health Assessment Services

Mental Health

Your well-being is important. If you are concerned about your mental health, it is important to seek help.

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Behavioural Assessment Services


Behavioural assessments help you uncover the reasons why you or your child act or think in certain ways.

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Assessments in Calgary

Whatever your reason is for assessment, The Family Psychology Place is here to listen to you and provide the right form of treatment so you and your children can have a bright future.

You might know you have a problem but don’t know how to overcome it. We provide you with tests that help us discover why you are acting and/or thinking in a certain way. Information gathered helps us find ways to help you heal. Physicians, schools, and lawyers recognize us as assessment experts.

Our assessments range from basic to complex and straight-forward to multi-dimensional. Do you want a second opinion? We provide these too, because we believe you need a range of quality advice to make the best decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

We are committed to helping you through psychological services so that you can live your life to the fullest. Our commitment to you continues through to after your assessment with our broad range of follow up services. Come talk to us today. Some reasons for assessment beyond those described above include the following:

  • Toddlers may get assessments to explore reasons for delays in development and get help for their future.
  • Children and teens may have assessments to figure out why they feel sad or angry all the time and get on a positive path.
  • Adults might need assessments because they are having repeated negative thoughts and want to learn how to get a handle on these.
  • Seniors get assessments to figure out why they are losing their memory and find the best way to function.
  • Families might look for assessments after separation because they need custody help.