Are you trying to understand yours or your child’s behaviour? A behavioural assessment might be ideal for you. Behavioural assessments allow you to uncover the reasons why you act and think in a certain way. Perhaps your behaviour is disruptive to your life and you need help. Our psychologists can help you understand and find ways to overcome troubling behaviour.

Negative behaviour affects your work, home, school, and play life. How you act affects everyone around you so our goal is to help you create positive behaviour patterns to allow a balanced life.

Behavioural Assessments Behavioural Assessments

Behavioural assessments can help determine disorders such as attention deficit disorder (ADHD). Children often show signs of behavioural disorders by smoking, drinking, using drugs, or having sex at an early age. Signs of behavioural disorders in adults are being unable to hold down a job or maintain relationships.

Individual or family therapy helps manage behavioural disorders. Our therapists at The Family Psychology Place open up communication and allow you to get on the road to managing your reactions.