Neuropsychological, Brain Injury, Memory

Do you feel your brain is not functioning as it once was? Have you lost the ability to think like you used to and noticed your behaviour has changed? You might even have less memory than you did in the past. If you have had a brain injury, your behaviours, abilities, and emotions can be affected. The Family Psychology Place is where you can come to get a neuropsychological test. Why else might you need this kind of test?

  • Brain changes due to ageing
  • Emotional disorder such as anxiety or depression
  • Disease like Alzheimer’s and Dementia

What is a neuropsychological test? A test that looks at how your thinking skills and behaviours are affected. The results help you understand why you function in a certain way or helps your psychologists determine if you have a clinical problem. If a disorder is discovered through your testing, not to worry, as The Family Psychology Place has therapists on hand to help counsel you to get through your issue.

Male Neuropsychological Assessment Services

Neuropsychological assessments are best done as soon as you notice any sort of trouble or change in your brain function. The younger you are tested, the better chance there is of improvement over time. Help can be given to children at almost any age. If you are an adult that notices brain changes then you, too, can get the help you need. We can help you function to your best ability even if it is later in life when you notice issues arising.

Some signs of mental illness include:

  • A decline in personal care
  • Loss of interest in participating in any activity
  • Feeling disconnected
  • Nervousness and worry
  • Odd, uncharacteristic behaviour

You will feel comfortable in our environment during the assessments and we promise to be completely honest with the results. If we notice anything we believe requires further help, we will let you know the next steps available to you. Our therapists each specialize in a different form of counselling to suit your individual needs. Let us take a deeper look at what makes you who you are