Counselling in Calgary

Feel better as soon as possible with our high-quality Calgary counselling.

As experts in the field of psychology, we know that different types of counselling are needed depending on your age and specific problem. Our experience can guide you through the right kind of counselling with a psychologist who you are comfortable with.

Our main counselling services for all ages:

counselling for anxiety in Calgary


Anxiety interferes with your thoughts and activities on an ongoing basis.

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Counselling for Depression in Calgary


Depression can make it difficult to see any positives, affecting your work and social life.

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grief and loss counselling in Calgary

Grief & Loss

Grief has many stages. We will provide you with coping strategies to help you achieve peace.

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Counselling for Trauma in Calgary


Trauma damages your well-being causing you to feel hurt while physically changing your brain.

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Counselling for OCD Disorder in Calgary


Obsessive compulsive disorder can cause you to continually repeat thoughts in your head or do the same thing over and over.

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counselling for social skills in Calgary

Social Skills

Social situations can cause you to become anxious. We can help you gain the social skills needed for a happy life.

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It is important to see a psychologist as soon as you start noticing signs of mental or physical distress in yourself or loved ones. You might just want to talk to a therapist. We can help by listening and offering the best advice for your needs. Recovery from mental health concerns is possible and often accomplished through counselling.

Our evidence-based treatments give you the strength you need to climb out of the darkness and find your happy place. Our administration team will ask you a few questions to help determine which kind of treatment you need. Your privacy is our number one concern and is protected. Our team is intuitive and skilled at figuring out the right kind of therapy for you.

Each of our psychologists works with different aspects of psychology and work together to access each other’s expertise, ensuring you are getting the best care possible. We work as a team to help you get through your troubles.

Psychologists are never suppose-to work alone within 5 years after achieving their license. You can trust us to maintain the highest level of professionalism to make sure our treatments and therapies are monitored by our senior psychologists when needed. Physicians, schools, and lawyers trust in us.

We are here for all your mental health needs so call us to find the right path for you.