Are you finding it difficult to work through your thoughts and emotions surrounding your sexuality? The Family Psychology Place is a safe space for you to converse about anything to do with sexuality.

What are some of the reasons you might need sexuality counselling? You have concerns or need to speak with someone regarding:

  • Gender identity
  • Coming out
  • Family acceptance of sexual orientation
  • Relationships and consent
  • Decision making and communication
  • Medical/social transitioning
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • All options pregnancy
  • Sexual abuse and trauma
  • Sex addiction
  • Kink
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Are you anxious about your sex life or sexuality? Do you feel sex no longer gives you pleasure? Are you distressed by sex or sexuality concerns in your life and unable to cope with the stress on your relationships? These are all signs that you may benefit from coming to speak to one of our psychologists today. We can help you work through the pain and suffering so your sexuality can be a positive part of your life once more.

Physical sexual issues require the guidance of a physician and our sex therapists can refer you to a specialist who deals with these types of problems. Therapists at The Family Psychology Place can help with the mental distress caused by your sexual concerns and your doctor can help with the medical aspects.

A Key Treatment for Sexuality Issues:

  • Psychotherapy: This form of therapy is based on verbal and non-verbal communication. Through these 2 types of expression, you can learn more about your behaviours, feelings, moods, and thoughts allowing you to control the situation you are concerned about in a healthy manner.

Children that have sexual issues may become depressed or develop a low self-image. Talk to your children to discover what lies beneath their behaviours as they may feel afraid or embarrassed about a sexual situation. Your child should be provided with the help they need to heal. The Family Psychology Place is a welcoming environment for children of all ages. Your child may not want to discuss sexuality issues but a therapist can help them get their emotions out through proper treatments.

Adults that have sexuality problems may find it difficult to become aroused or not want to have sex at all. Speak to one of our professional psychologists today about issues surrounding a lagging sex life. Fulfilling sex life is a crucial component of healthy living. Sex benefits you in many ways including lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, and providing better heart health. Sex therapy can help you have the open communication you need to experience a happy sex life. Contact one of our therapists to get over the lull and onto a rewarding sexual future.