Self Esteem

Self Esteem

Do you feel like you are unworthy of positivity in your life? Are you constantly negating yourself saying things like “I can’t do it” or “I hate how I look”? Maybe the opposite is true, you feel you are better than everyone and have narcissistic tendencies. Both situations may indicate you have self-esteem issues.

Self-esteem issues can have negative effects on everything in your life from your work to your relationships. You may have a hard time at work because your inner voice is telling you “you’re not good enough”. You may act with a sense of hatred in relationships because you feel you are not worthy of being loved or see negative things in others when there are none. If you keep believing dark thoughts about yourself, you may build up an unbreakable wall making it difficult to enjoy healthy relationships. Help is available to overcome these difficulties.

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You can find inner happiness and experience feelings of love from others and towards yourself. All you need to do is attend a therapy session at The Family Psychology Place where we can help you discover all the reasons to love yourself. Happiness is hiding deep within your core and your psychologist can bring it to the surface. Through encouragement and customized therapy sessions, we will help you discover your self-esteem. You are worth it.

How are some ways that we help you?

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT):By focusing on your present-day thoughts and actions, we can help you discover ways to change negating moments into positive ones. How? By teaching you healthy coping mechanisms where you will uncover ways to positively address your thoughts and behaviours.
  • Existential Therapy: Focusing on you rather than your symptoms, our therapists will emphasize your ability to make rational choices, allowing you to develop to your full potential. We help you understand that you can’t blame your decisions entirely on genetics or past scenarios. Therapy will show you the right way to make decisions that are rewarding and constructive.

How did you get to this point where you need help? Self-esteem issues can be caused by many things, some of which include:

  • Comparing yourselfto others
  • Problems with your health
  • Issues at work or school
  • Problems with your family or relationships

If you are worried that your child has self-esteem problems, you may take a look at the list below to check for indicators. Please note, it is best to have your child see one of our psychologists if you have any concerns. This list is a guideline and not conclusive of all the symptoms of poor self-esteem.

  • Your child constantly puts themselves down
  • Your kid thinks he/she is inadequate
  • Your little one gets angry easily
  • Your little one believes he/she will not succeed at tasks, therefore, does not try hard to do so

It is important to help your child discover their true sense of self. Let them understand that they do not have to look or act like others do or tell them to. Helping your little one to find their inner strength is an important part of their life. Allowing them to grow into a confident person will benefit them throughout their lives.

As adults, we can have the same self-esteem issue symptoms as children but some of us have the ability to challenge these thoughts and behaviours easier than a child would. When we pay attention to ourselves, we can learn a lot and change the way we think and act.

The Family Psychology Place helps you take care of self-esteem issues so that you can gain the confidence to take care of them on your own.

If you have thoughts of suicide, which is another sign of depression, then you should immediately contact a mental health professional. We are here to help you get through the darkness and find positivity in your life.

Symptoms of depression might differ depending on your age. Seniors might not want to talk about their feelings and may lose interest in normally pleasurable activities. Children may pretend to be sick, cling to a parent, or worry they may die. Children might also act out and get in trouble at school or feel misunderstood. It can help to open up and talk to your loved ones, so they can help you get through tough times.

We work with you to find the right psychologist for you, the one with whom you feel most at ease with and connected to. Don’t diagnose yourself; come see us if you feel your symptoms may relate in any way to depression.