Social Skills

Social Skills

Do social situations scare you? Are you anxious about being around others and find it hard to communicate, making starting and maintaining conversations difficult? You might have a disorder revolving around social skills. But not to worry - help is available at The Family Psychology Place.

Signs of Complications with Social Skills:

  • Unable to communicate in appropriate ways for particular social contexts
  • Difficulty telling stories
  • Unable to understand what is not explicitly stated
  • Hard time developing peer relationships
  • Difficulty achieving academic success
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When you lack certain social skills, you can become isolated and develop emotional or mental disorders. As psychologists who understand the function of your brain, we want to help you overcome this obstacle so that you can make friends and attend social events without your nerves getting in the way.

Treatments for social skills issues:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): Teaching you how to become more aware of how your thinking affects the way you interact with others. Once you understand this, we teach you specific social skills and role-play for practice.
  • Social Skills Groups: We might put you in social groups to learn from one another and model good social behaviours to the rest of the group. This can involve predicting what might happen in certain situations to coming up with new ways to approach trouble bits.

Children that have difficulty with social skills may use fleeting eye contact, interrupt others frequently, ask inappropriate questions, and fail to ask for clarification if they are confused. Adults with social skill issues can have troubles keeping up a good work ethic and tend to have difficulty taking care of their own needs.

Why are social skills a vital part of life?

  • To communicate effectively
  • To understand how to display good manners and act appropriately in certain situations
  • To express personal needs

By the end of your treatments with us, you will have developed non-verbal communication skills and conversation capabilities, and you will be able to be assertive when needed. These aspects of communication are crucial to a well-rounded life. Let us help you become the independent person you want to be and help you find your own way of connecting with others.