Parenting (for adults regarding their kids)

Parenting is an important part of raising children. Your children are strongly influenced by what they see, hear, and their connection with you. What is involved in parenting?

  • Ensuring your child is safe
  • Providing affection
  • Setting and enforcing limits
  • Listening to your child and spending time together
  • Seeking help for medical or behaviour concerns

This is where we come in. We focus on helping if you feel overwhelmed with the stress parenting is putting on you. Our treatments help you deal with many emotional and behavioural problems daily. The Family Psychology Place also has therapists to teach you the skills necessary to help your child overcome their disorder.

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Transition to Adulthood

Helping your child take the step to adulthood is essential. They need these skills to help them grow into a person capable of taking charge of their own life. Without knowing how to deal with life’s unpredictable situations, staying afloat in this world is often difficult. You may not know what to do to help your child and this is where we come in.

We help you learn how to teach your children coping skills, develop confidence and be proud of themselves. Putting them in situations where they need to rely on themselves helps launch them into adulthood.

Personality Disorders

What is a personality disorder? A mental disorder that makes it difficult for you to relate to other people and situations due to unhealthy thinking, functioning, and behaviour patterns.

If you or your child has a personality disorder it can be problematic to navigate through life. Children have physical and psychological needs that have to be met. When there is a disconnection in communication patterns, parenting can falter. A personality disorder creates a “push-pull” form of communication between the child and parent. The intended message gets lost because of the failure to form a fluid, open communication style. Personality disorders open you to feelings of rejection and criticism which affects the relationship between you and your child.

Our psychologists can help you find a way to keep your personality disorder under control so you can gain the skills to parent your child in a positive light. We relate how you feel with how your child feels. Therapy helps you focus on discovering a nurturing way to communicate and interact with your child.

Family of Origin Issues

Are you experiencing a lot of conflict between you and your child? This can result in negative parenting. Dysfunctional family patterns are often handed down through generations. Your parents typically raise you as they were raised so if you had a negative upbringing, this could affect your parenting style now. You may have experienced domestic abuse causing family of origin issues in your parenting today.

How can we help you? We examine your family patterns and styles of attachment to help form a healing process. By connecting the thoughts and feelings in your mind to your bodily actions, we can get you on a healthy path to parenting. You and your children will grow to enact positive behaviour from this type of therapy.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

What is borderline personality disorder? A mental health disorder that causes you to be intensely unstable through your moods, relationships, self-image, and behaviours.

Stressful situations can cause someone with BDP to act out in a negative manner such as yelling. Rapid mood swings can cause your loved ones to feel devalued, angry or hated. Parenting with a borderline personality disorder or parenting a child with a borderline personality disorder can be detrimental if it is not dealt with properly.

A parent with BDP goes back and forth between hostile over-involvement in their child’s life to under-involvement with or without neglect. Children with BDP act out when they feel no one understands them or likes them. Children can be depressed or angry as a result of irregular emotions resulting from their disorder.

Our therapists can help you find the strength to express your emotions and engage with those you love warmly. Opening up communication can change a negative situation into a positive one.

What is a way The Family Psychology Place can help you with parenting in these situations? Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): We help you use non-coercive parenting patterns. Your child heals from trauma by allowing you to discover emotions and why you act in certain ways. You learn how to get on a positive path so you can properly parent your children.

Children often act out whereas adults over-react when there are parenting issues. We are here to let you know you are not alone and there are ways to enjoy happy connections with your family.