Katy Lowe

Registered Provisional Psychologist

South Location

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Katy is a Registered Provisional Psychologist with an MSc in School and Applied Child Psychology from the University of Calgary, where she is also working towards her PhD in the same program. As a parent of three, Katy has experience on both sides of the assessment table and aims to take a strengths-based approach to serving her clients and their families through a tailored and comprehensive approach to psychological and psychoeducational assessment.

Katy Lowe

Katy is also a CanNRT doctoral fellow specializing in neurodevelopmental research across the lifespan. Although her primary research focus centers around attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), her previous research spanned many areas of psychology such as mental health, social connections, protective pathways from maternal psychosocial experiences to child ADHD symptoms through epigenetic aging, child ADHD symptoms in relation to mental health and physical activity, and emotion regulation in adults with ADHD. Currently, her doctoral research looks at developmental trajectories of ADHD in girls and women at different life stages, identifying risk and protective factors. Importantly, Katy’s research goals center around improving the identification of ADHD in girls and women for earlier access to intervention and support for improved health outcomes.

Katy offers psychoeducational assessment to identify and provide support for ADHD, developmental disabilities, behavioural concerns, anxiety and depressive disorders, learning disabilities/disorders, and giftedness, among other assessment queries.