Kendra Epping

Registered Psychologist

South Location

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Kendra is a Registered Psychologist who received her MSc in School and Applied Child Psychology from the University of Calgary. Kendra specializes in psychoeducational assessments and intervention planning in the areas of learning disabilities, ADHD, giftedness, behavioral challenges, intellectual delays, and mood concerns (e.g., anxiety, depression), social skills, and other ADHD-related concerns, through a strength-based lens.

Kendra Epping, Registered Psychologist at Family Psychology Place

Kendra has specialized training and experience working with pre-school aged children, youth, adolescents, young adults, their families and support teams as they navigate the unique and typical challenges across the early lifespan. Kendra’s goal is to support developing minds by identifying each person’s strengths, needs, and desires to break down barriers, collaborate to learn new strategies, and put a plan in action so that each person can thrive. Kendra holds a strong belief that the active involvement of parents (and other team members) is a valued part of the process to promote the generalization of newly learned skills outside of the office, and as a way to continue to build caregiver capacity through practical coaching.