Keri Vandongen

Speech Language Pathologist

South Location

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Keri’s lifelong passion is continual enhancement of both her own and her clients’ communication.

Keri attends Toastmasters public speaking, writing groups, and improv speaking classes so she can empathize with her clients’ desire to communicate for a purpose but struggle to do so. Enhanced understanding inspires Keri to support clients through their courageous journey, celebrating high points and standing by through mistakes and breakdowns. She aims to offer feedback viewed as encouragement and to personalize treatment for a client’s functional goals.

Keri Vandogen

Throughout her 20-year speech-language pathology career, Keri has pursued training for speech and language, apraxia (motor speech), social communication, phonological processing, reading comprehension, language content, writing, speaking confidence, public speaking, and accent modification.

Keri is that person who’s always tuned in to a webinar or observing how people communicate in natural settings. She doesn’t quit learning a technique until she can break it down for kids to use in ways they enjoy. She believes nothing accelerates progress better than kids who develop a love for speaking, writing, reading and communicating.

When parents are worried about their child struggling, Keri works to help their child develop skills including initiating concerns and persevering to master a speech movement. These developments are reminders the children are more capable and incredible than they realize.

Keri looks forward to collaborating with a team of specialists so your child can thrive.