Sherri-lynn Pearce

Registered Psychologist

South Location

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Sherri-lynn is a Registered Psychologist with over 14 years of experience working with adults, adolescents, children, and families, in both private and school settings. She also has experience in a supervisory role for provisional psychologists.

Her therapeutic approach is based on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, which holds that our unhelpful thoughts lead to our emotional distress and unproductive behaviours. By replacing these thoughts with helpful thoughts, we can improve our mental well-being and how we function in our day to day lives. She also works from a Rogerian perspective that deeply honours the uniqueness, and diversity of each individual.

Sherri-lynn Pearce

Her areas of practice include anxiety and mood difficulties, emotional regulation, social and behavioural difficulties, sleep problems, disordered eating, chronic pain and health-related problems, grief, and trauma, as well as parenting stress.

Sherri-lynn understands that anxiety, depression, and relationship problems can cause distress, and that just getting by day to day can be tough. She understands that people often struggle alone believing things will never get better. Sherri-lynn strives to help find a solution and help her clients make the changes that will make a difference in your life. Sherri-lynn works with her clients towards making life less stressful and overwhelming and making life more enjoyable!

With a great love for life, her family, and for her dogs, she is currently accepting clients at our South office.