Legal Reports

Legal Reports

When you come to The Family Psychology Place, you can be sure to get help with the following legal concerns:

  • Guardianship & Trusteeship/Capacity Assessments
  • Custody & Access Assessments
  • Immigration Assessments
  • Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Assessments

How do we help you with legal reports? We take the time to review the details of the legal documentation within our scope of expertise. We will make sure you can fully understand the contents and inform you as to what is required. If you want us to complete the forms on your behalf, we can do so.

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Our psychologists are skilled at providing legal reports and assessments and can help you complete the necessary documentation for your scenario. If we discover you or a loved one needs help, you will be guided into the next steps whether it be assessments or further consultations. We want you to be in the best situation possible for a bright future.